We are getting new songs together as we speak and we are close to record and release,... stay tuned! below are some dates for the rest of the year. Let it be known. See you out there. BF




So it has been a while since we gave an official report ..check out FB for more up to date pictures of our travels, I have been noting it down though, so here it is... Enjoy!

WUTZDOG Festival - great people… great fun… and if one word would sum up the evening, that word would be BURN!!! Thank you Krista for the heat!!!! We hope all of you had as much fun with the pyro as we did!!! hope to see you soon! Respect shout out to the crew and cook for the awesome hospitality!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Secret Show - If I say anything about it, well then it would not be a secret. I can say this though, WHAT A BLAST!!! really feels like family!

RARE GUITAR - as always, it is such a pleasure to be surrounded by vintage instruments and kick ass loyal fans!!! Rudi and Marco have a gift of making you feel right at home!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!

KEEP IT LOW FESTIVAL - Great location with wall to wall music and friendly familiar faces, a definite highlight for us as we never been to munich before. The show was heavy, packed and seemed to keep getting packed by the second. the backstage party was outrageous and you know, what happens in vegas… blah… i will hint this though, a member of the band STEAK will not die of a vitamin C deficiency any time soon, that is for sure!!! down to earth, cool guys to hang with and all in all… a great time! Plus the bonus of meeting our Malaka mou brothers of P.O.Z.... Always a pleasure to see some road warriors carving a path!!! Keep it up brothers!!!

Untergrundgalerie in neu-isenburg - If you have an art gallery in a basement and add a band like us then you felt in the moment of art and expression. What a wonderful atmosphere with a practice room feel, surrounded in a circle and pushing the limits of intimacy and family... Something not forgotten anytime soon!!!

TANKGIVING FESTIVAL- you know when you have a house party and all goes perfect? To party at home with all of our likeminded fellow darmstadtian musicians and bands was a first in the city, thanks to Rene and the Fat and Holy crew!! 3 different stages, with the chance for the visitor to get a taste of all! Success! A packed, sold out show with friends and family. EPIC.

 Ärzte ohne Grenzen: Ffm The Cave benefit! Probably the smallest stage we ever played but with a crowd ready to rock and support a great cause. Sharing the stage with FLOOD, the small venue broke a thermostat or two.

OLDENBURG Cadillac club. : If one memory would stick, it would be the calm sit-in. Never have we ever felt so connected to the moment of a show! To experience a new sector of Germany as a stranger in a strange land and to welcomed as relatives. All I can say is, only if you were there, would you know the magic of that night! I know in my heart we have found another family in this town!!! (A big kiss to the drummer of HYNE : hint: ask what is in the glass BEFORE you drink it! )

HAMBURG - The Rock Cafe: one word for this club:Dedication! Alban and his crew had zero toleration for discomfort. The crowd: dedicated. The bands: dedicated. Probably the coolest backstage ever, proven by a shrine of previous musicians donating their memorabilia, displayed for the privileged touring bands. Once again sharing the stage with HYNE, both bands realized quickly, there is a future together... (Hint hint)

DA knabenschule- tierheim benefit: A section of various local genres of rock based music, the evening brought awareness and funding to a great cause. Knowing that we could help abandoned animals have full healthy lives, is rewarding on so many different levels. RESPECT to Dj DOOM and his NEM crew , as well as all participating bands for the effort and sincerity!!

WDS XMAS BASH: What can be said that I have not already about Weil der Stadt? It is always a pleasure to fill a bus full of equipment and bastards like us and head south to this location, we all have a reassurance that tonight will be smooth sailing and all will be taken care of. As expected, a flawless beautiful gathering of friendly familiar faces and the spending the night with Iguana!!! The perfect show to end this wild year!!!


2016 - Many things are on the table and we will be revealing some highlights soon enough!  See you out there on the road and Keep it RAWKIN!!!  BF!




Speechless, in awe, or just plain AWESOME! What a night to remember!!! It will always go without saying but we will say it anyway… ROCK FREAKS and HELPERS… BUSHFIRE LOVES YOU!! Upon arrival of the Vortex, we are greeted with open hearts and smiles. about 30min after the MosGenerators and Elder showed up. Set up and sound check was over quick and the Siegen family began to arrive… Beers, Food and Entrance all included, I swear only a red carpet was missing. The shows were amazing from all bands and the energy level was HIGH all night long… for myself personally, one of the best nights of my touring life, surrounded by all of these warm familiar faces. We can not wait to return to our home away from home. I am sure we will see us soon enough!

in other news… check out our shop… some new and interesting things!
and next up BUSHFIRE and MAMMOTH MAMMOTH in the FFM Bett together next month, check our dates!!! see you soon




4 years strong and it is all because of you! All of you!
FVF is growing in the right direction because of a great working formula.
It always takes a great plan to do something amazing but without the right ingredients, all efforts could be just a waste of time and we are so grateful that this is not the case.

From the understanding of our neighboring towns, Netphen, Deuz, and Beienbach, for the noise and acceptance of all the visitors/campers that use their fields and who left the camp grounds incredibly clean, to the contribution of the AWO area to even have a place to set it all up, to all of the hard work from our volunteers it took to build a monster of a festival!!! Because of you, we can invite all the great bands and all their peaceful fans for three days to celebrate music. THANK YOU!

The ROCK FREAKS love you!




Well the time is drawing near, our first show of the year. DESERTFEST - Berlin ... This show will be the initiation of our new drummer Sascha and a great elasticity test for Bills foot... (please remember NOT to jump). We are really exceited to say the least!

As you can see to the right of the screen some new concert dates have been added (scroll down) more are on the way, so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, some new merch has arrived,.. more info and pictures soon!


BF news

So... A lot has happened since the last update. Sorry for the the lack of info, we have been busy.
MOTU Balkan tour 2014 went off better than expected due to me breaking my foot. (I will get back to that later) Over 4000km with 14 shows in 16 days. With so many great memories and adventures I probably could write a book. I have to shout out so much love to all of the crazy people we met and played for. Thank you for your support we totally felt it with your homes and parties and presence. We are forever grateful for fans like you!
As we returned, our former drummer Tom informed us that he will be leaving BF for other adventures in his life and of course we understood because there is no bad blood amongst brothers! We had auditions, and almost immediately we were flooded with responses but as they say in highlander... There can be only one! That one, was Sascha. He was not here for games and he proved it over and over again. Let me just advise you, if you are going to tryout for a position in a band, know your instrument well and prepare yourself with the bands music, be professional and do not show off. All of what Sasha had. From the first song I knew this would be a respectable replacement for Tom. It feels good... It feels right. Sascha, in such short little time, has burrowed his way into the woodworks of BF and now it feels and looks like he has been with us for a while. Needless to say, we are whole again!
After the holidays we have returned to the practice room for some serious songwriting jams and it feels amazing, fresh and challenging. We have definitely raised it up a notch and persist on keeping the heavy in rock. I can say for myself, I am trying very hard to take myself out of my comfort zone and nervously explore new horizons. With that being said, we have refrained from shows for the first half of the year (with some few exceptions), we do have shows lined up for the second half of the year and we are accepting requests  ...we will inform you when it is that time and we are ready to crack out of the egg, do not worry! There will be some special goodies and collectables as well as new designs and merchandise. Stay tuned! (check out our FB page for pictures of the tour)


The foot!
Day 6 of the tour, we arrive to the venue, and prepare for the show and all went well. I was preparing a step out of taped beer cases for this high rise stage so that I could enter the crowd as I always do with ease. Seemed to work fine at sound check... Not so good live though. Hehehehe. As we began the show that night, I tried the step but I felt awkward,... So like always, I jumped. Oops! Barefoot on a hardwood floor was probably not the smartest move, but hey I was in the air already, it was to late to turn back. Land... Crash... Snap... Try to stand.... Oh oh.. Huston we have a problem! During the song I frantically looked over at Peter, the bassist of Wight, to come over and help me WHILE I was singing, he gave me support to stand and took me back towards the stage after the song was done! They add a stool to the stage and got me some ice for me foot, thinking, oh he sprained it... I knew different. As I sat there on the chair beginning the 3rd song, I suddenly felt that... I am going to pass out... Feeling, so I positioned myself on the floor and used the kick drum of Tom to cool me with blasts of air every time he hit his pedal. They asked if I was ok and should they call a ambulance I said yes BUT we can play until they come. Needless to say we finished the show... With me on the floor and my foot on a bag of ice, surrounded by fans who realized, with Bushfire, ROCK WILL NEVER DIE. After the show they rushed me to the hospital. I got the X-rays and there it was not clear if I needed an operation or not... And I did not have time for them to figure it out because... The next day we had a show!!! I told them to put a temporary cast on my foot to keep it straight, give me some crutches and some good painkillers and I will be ok till I get home. Surprised and unwilling, the doc granted my wishes. He prescribed me with some heavy meds and that mixed with alcohol made me somewhat distant to the pain I felt every time I screamed a note in a song. We returned to the hotel room and the next morning I woke up and realized this was no dream. The pain began. My heartbeat was in my foot and no amount of meds was gonna help today.... So what do you do? Get in the bus and drive 3000km more and play 8-9 more shows in so many wonderful European countries!!!! THAT IS ROCK AND ROLL. Crazy rock and roll but still ROCK AND ROLL! Here is where I have to thank ALL of my tour buddies... Thank you for worrying more about me than I was, for taking care of me and overtaking my responsibilities of the tour,... I love you guys!!! Thank you for not quitting or giving in. Thank you for letting me enjoy the last mobile days and acquire so many beautiful memories before the next 3-4 months of recovery solitude... THANK YOU!
So as we returned home I immediately went to the hospital where the docs found my foot to be a bit more traumatic, ... Oops! So, after a 5hour operation using 13 screws and a cage brace to puzzle back the 16pieces (5 major 7hairline 4floaters one of which was in 90degrees the wrong way)  of the one bone I shattered, I was on my way to recovery. Now, 3 months later... I am slowly starting to walk on my own and things are looking good. My doc and therapists say I am much further in my healing then they expected and that too, gives me hope. I am determined and I will overcome! In this time of seclusion I have had a lot of time to reflect and to all of you who have taken your time to come see or help a broken bill, THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!! I hope I can somehow repay back all this LOVE I have received. I know who you are!!!!!

So what is the moral of the story you might ask??? The answer is simple.....
RAWK n ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!!! (and,... dont jump from tall stages barefoot onto hard floors)


Somewhere back in 2009 our founding drummer Mark had to leave us for his reasons. During his departure we had many drummers come out of the woodwork to want to replace him, but things just did not seem right. Some long months past by and then Tom presented himself. Tom asked when the next tryout was, I explained to him to take a CD and a couple weeks and we will talk about a date. This was not enough for the man, he clearly stated that he had no time to waste and he wanted to try out immediately. I thought to myself ...ok buddy, this will be quick... how is next Tuesday I asked. He agreed and he was on his way, but today was Friday and that left him 3 days to show us anything. Tuesday arrives, Tom behind the drum-set, he hammers away almost flawlessly 5-6 songs and that by just naming the song titles. I was impressed to say the least, and after the tryout, tom left and we discussed his performance. I was sold, I had a feeling about this guy, he was not messing around, he did not have an attitude and he was not showing off. He was determined and his preparations showed it.

Now in the beginning of December 2014 Tom revealed to the band of his departure. At this moment I thought about his initial tryout, I knew in my heart that I would not find another dedicated musician as him, I really was blown away. Sooo, we notified the public of our dilemma and overnight we are swarmed with replies to find his replacement. All kinds of emails, all with individual quirks and personal promotional sales pitches... I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who put yourself out there and replied or tried out, it was greatly appreciated! But I am positive we have found our man! ... I have a feeling about this guy,....
he was not messing around, he did not have an attitude and he was not showing off. He was determined and his preparations shows it. So give BUSHFIRE's newest member a warm welcome... SASCHA HOLZ.

So now in the new year, we will focus on getting Sascha up to speed with the set (he is already more than half way there), and more importantly, writing new material. So be safe over the holidays... Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have great New Year from all of us here at BUSHFIRE! See you in 2015 !!!



17.10.14 A - Hohenems - Prokontra
w/ dick laurent
19.10.14 HU - Budapest - showbarlang
w/ head for the sun
20.10.14 RO - Cluj-Napoca - flying circus
21.10.14 RO - Bucharest - Control
22.10.14 BG - Sofia - Mixtape 5
23.10.14 GR - Thessaloniki - Eightball Club
w/ devo range
24.10.14 GR - Larissa - Stage Club
25.10.14 GR - Athens - Kyttaro
w/ NightStalker
26.10.14 GR
- Komotini - Law School Amphi

28.10.14 SERB - novi sad, - CK13
29.10.14 HRV - zagreb - Hard Place
30.10.14 A - Salzburg, ROCKHOUSE
31.10.14 CH - St. Gallen - Rümpeltum
01.11.14 DE - Jena - Kulturbahnhof
w/ black space riders



FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL!!! We are speechless! to give us our own stage to show off our local band scene is better than money ANY DAY!!! I hope you enjoyed the DARMSTADT TROOPS! As always, being the tight crew that you are, we never felt uncomfortable. You guys truly understand the value of keeping people happy! I really had some tears leaving the fest this year (thanks for the megaphone)!! my highlights were seeing all of you again!!! (lets keep that small stage) ROCK FREAKS !!!! we love you! see you next year!!!!


New video out for DREAM!

Check out our media section!



So it is official, VINCE is our new bassist. Since the first practice it just clicked. We started the jam machine and now it runs on its own beastly power and creativity has been flowing out ever since. I personally can not wait to start forming and recording these new sounds. So when you see us out and about give VINCE a warm welcome! So officially it is now 1 Italian, 1 African, 1 Swede, 1 Portuguese, and 1 NSA member.


just wanna stop in real quick and inform, we are half way through the MOTU tours for the begining of 2014, it has been a blast to say the least, to all of you who make out to our shows, we just want to give you a big THANK YOU! a whole tour report will be given once we have returned from berlin. sooo STAY TUNED!!!


All of us here would like to wish all you, HEAVY HOLIDAYS! Be safe and have fun!





Sooo, it has been a while since the last post due a lot happening, sorry about that! let us go back in time...

Freak Valley Fest

We were the first band and I have to tell you we would do it every year. The love that the crowd gives back to us is immeasurable, the bands that participated were egofree and full of love and the team, well what can you say about the most friendliest people who make strangers feel like family.... RAWK! that is what can easily be said about FVF. If you do not know it.... you are missing out! pure love! ...damn, now I sound like a hippy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Directly after FVF we went into the Lofthaus studio and laid down the next tracks for our new album Heal Thy Self. The release date will be later this year, no worries we will inform you!! This album is a chaos star for me and the tracks have never laid closer to my heart, I hope it will be just as intense for you!

Tsukahara Fest

I guess there is a maximum age level due to the fact that I have never see so much youth. We were headlining this show but i guess it took a song or two for the crowd to warm up to us but afterwards it was all downhill from there. From calls for walls of death to mud pyramids, stage orgies and group hugs, all in all a fun show to play and nice bands to meet. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Still hanging around the studio doing some overdubs and mixing and getting the text ready for the most epic album artwork we have ever had.... more about that later though.

Next up! ORANGE FUKIN GOBLIN support  is just less than a month away, see you there!           ....look to the right of the screen


bill - BF



Bushfire - Heal Thy Self Album Cover


4.3 DA villa/ hyne
16.4 Hellchen over esslingen
7.5 vortex, siegen
28.5 FVF

23-sept -limes koln

24 sept - rare guitar

30 sept- erfurt tiko 

1 okt- berlin

2okt - dresden chemiefabrik

10 dec schlosskeller

more tba.


25.04.15 Berlin - Desert Fest

27.06.15 Siegen - FVF helperparty

25.07.15 FFM - Das Bett

22.08.15 Karben - Karben Open Air

29.08.15 Riedstadt - Wutzdog Festival

25.09.15 Muenster - Rare Guitar

26.09.15 SECRET SHOW

17.10.15 Munich - Keep it Low Festival

07.11.15 Neu-Isenburg - Untergrundgalerie

13.11.15 Jena - Kulturbahnhof

14.11.15 Darmstadt - Tanksgiving Fest

28.11.15 FFM - The Cave

04.12.15 Oldenburg - Cadillac Club

05.12.15 Hamburg - Rock Cafe

11.12.15 DA - BKS Benefit

19.12.15 Weil der Stadt - JH





17.10.14 A - Hohenems - Prokontra
19.10.14 HU - Budapest - showbarlang
20.10.14 RO - Cluj-Napoca
21.10.14 RO - Bucharest - Control
22.10.14 BG - Sofia - Mixtape 5
23.10.14 GR - Thessaloniki - Eightball Club
24.10.14 GR - Larissa - Stage Club
25.10.14 GR - Athens - Kyttaro w/ NightStalker
26.10.14 GR
- Komotini - Law School Amphi

28.10.14 SERB - novi sad, - CK13
29.10.14 HRV - zagreb - Hard Place
30.10.14 A - Salzburg, ROCKHOUSE
31.10.14 CH - St. Gallen - Rümpeltum
01.11.14 DE - Jena - Kulturbahnhof

MORE TO COME - stay tuned!